Valerie Sampson   Creative Director


        Angela Berry          Web & Analyst Director


       Kerry McDonald           Art Director

Jeff Portrait-4 (1).jpg

       Jeff Sampson          Video & Web Producer

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  Milana Arambasic   Project & Marketing Manager



Our story

Simply put, we are storytellers that make lifestyle brands look good. The Sampson House digital marketing agency creates and implements online strategies that work. We passionately believe that every brand needs a powerful, honest, attractive and consistent platform to communicate from in order to be successful.

Our creative team of digital analysts, strategists, designers, copywriters, video and photo producers, are top-notch and devoted to elevating brands to the next level. We effectively provide solutions and achieve your business goals.   

We know how difficult it can be juggling so many moving parts. Allow us to take your marketing reigns while you focus on the core of your company. Together we can take your brand to the next level.