January's Desktop Calendar

2016. Clean. Eating. Starts. Now. 

Simply put, we overindulged in a big way this holiday season. (The holiday season starts immediately after Labor Day weekend, right?) Anybody else? No? Just us? Okay...well, turns out we're regretting a few of those extra pecan pie slices. And crock pots filled with queso. And venti peppermint mochas.

Luckily, it's a new year! Happy 2016!

Currently on our minds--2015 was an incredible year. It's tough to put into words how deliriously happy we are to be "doing us"--taking big leaps to put our passion into practice. This past year, we created The Sampson House to help small business owners in the community, and we have loved every second of it.  

Shout outs, kudos, and thank you to all who have been supportive and followed along our brand building + modern marketing startup journey. We have some killer projects lined up for 2016. We are ready!  

Enjoy our juicy + refreshing desktop calendar this month. Cheers to another rad year!

  xoxo - Val, Kerry, Angie, and team

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