Recap: 2018 SD ADDY Awards

Written by: Milana Arambasic

What a night! A couple of weeks ago, our team had the honor of attending our third SD ADDY Awards Show. As many know, the ADDYS are one of the biggest award shows for marketing and advertising agencies. We had a blast celebrating some of the work we created for our clients, as well as connecting with the Sioux Falls community. This year, we scored two silver ADDYs and one gold ADDY. Read more to see the work we won for! 

Silver addy - Hungry for truth sd | South Dakota soybean research and promotion council | Farm to fork dinner

Sales & Marketing | Category: Collateral Material - Special Event Material

Our first ADDY was for Hungry For Truth SD. Each year, Hungry For Truth SD hosts a beautiful Farm-To-Fork Dinner where South Dakotans get to connect with farmers, ask questions and learn more about where their food comes from. This year, we submitted the collateral suite designed for the Farm-To-Fork Dinner. We designed everything from the invites to the menu and signage for the event. 

Silver addy - Hungry for truth sd | South Dakota soybean research and promotion council | instagram feed

Cross-Platform | Category: Online/Interactive Campaign

Our second ADDY of the night was also for work done for Hungry For Truth SD and their Instagram Feed. Hungry For Truth SD's mission is to share farm facts and farmer stories with South Dakota consumers. Each week, we are putting out a variety of information and campaigns on Instagram. Their feed is where we are able to share an abundant amount of information that is easy to process in a visually appealing manner. We create a series of recipe videos, infographics, GIFs, photos and other content to spread their message. Want to learn more about this initiative? Follow along here.  

GOLD ADDY - Alma Guatemalan | campaign

Cross-Platform | Category: Online/Interactive Campaign

Our last ADDY of the night as awarded to us for an Alma Guatemalan campaign. Curating Alma Guatemalan's brand from scratch was a dream. We helped concept the brand from start to finish, as well as curate and implement campaigns, ads, and social media + website maintenance. With all of the work done for Alma Guatemalan, it was hard to pick one element to submit, so we entered an entire campaign to showcase a variety of pieces that helped show the true brand of Alma Guatemalan. Head to Alma's site to view more - click here

This year, our Web & Analyst Director, Angela Berry (left), and Project Manager, Milana Arambasic (right), had a blast representing The Sampson House team at the 52nd Annual ADDY Awards Show. That's a wrap for the 2018 ADDYs. Now, back to curating rad work for our clients. Cheers!