A Wine Tasting Counts as Work, Right?

The other day, we got a delivery straight from Sonoma Valley, California to The Sampson House. You guessed it…a big crate of wine! Not just any wine; but the best bottles from our client Ammunition Wine. Naturally, this called for a wine tasting in the office (wink wink). It counts as conducting research for work, right?

TSH Wine Tasting-11.jpg
TSH Wine Tasting-18.jpg

In order to make the occasion official, we needed a charcuterie board. Our array of cheeses (surprisingly enough, blueberry goat cheese was delish), baguettes, crackers, sausage, prosciutto, and fruit jam was the perfect addition to the 10 bottles of wine to taste.


From Pinot Noir to Sauvignon Blanc, we made our way through the smokiness and fruitiness of each wine with the sunny Sonoma Valley weather in mind. It was almost as if we were in the California vineyards (soon enough, hint hint).

Val: "What a fun day. We should this monthly! ;) Makes me excited for patio weather and wine with friends."

Jeff: “I liked the Equalizer wine the best. It was the smoothest wine out of all of them.”

Angela: "I don't usually drink red wine but I was surprised how much I loved the Zinfandel. We'll definitely be having more wine & charcuterie days. :) "

Kerry: “I usually don’t gravitate towards red wine so the Pinot Noir was a real surprise. It was so good! I may have just become a red wine drinker”

Gabrielle: "It was definitely a great way to relax and take a break in the office! I personally had never done any kind of charcuterie with wine before, so it was really cool to see how the flavors changed with the food we ate."

Liesel: “My personal favorite was the Pinot Noir, which is actually pretty surprising! I’m very picky about reds but this wine hit the right note. Its light and fruity body helped the berry notes come through. I think I found the new perfect go-to wine!”

TSH Wine Tasting-20.jpg

This was such a fun way to get away from the desk on a Friday afternoon. Stay tuned for all of the exciting content that is to come for Ammunition Wine. Until then, cheers!