April Desktop Calendar

The month for April showers has arrived (we certainly hope not though after all this snow) and that means we are one step closer to warm days and flower blossoms. Two of our desktop calendars were created with the beautiful flowers we see spring up in April— tulips! Fun fact: at a point in time in the 1600s, tulips were more valuable than the average person’s house and cost almost ten, yes TEN, times what a working-class man earned in a year.

02 Desktop Calendar - TSH_1600x1200.png
02 Full.png
03 Desktop Calendar - TSH_1600x1200.png
03 Full.png

Blooms: 750x1334, 1280x1040, 1600x1200, 1900x1200, 2048x2048

Apart from the beautiful flowers, April is also known as National Poetry Month! This well-liked genre of writing was brought to us by poets like Maya Angelou and Pablo Neruda, or modern-day figures like Orion Carloto or R.H. Sin. But to keep it simple, we wanted to bring the most classic spring poem to life for your desktop.

01 Desktop Calendar - TSH_1600x1200 copy.png
01 Full.png

Poetry: 750x1334, 1280x1040, 1600x1200, 1900x1200, 2048x2048

Enjoy this month’s desktop calendars as they were inspired by some of our favorite things from this lovely season.