Hungry For Truth SD

We love working with different clients and getting to know the ins and outs of their work. Each brand that we work with at TSH brings us a plethora of back-end information regarding their industry. It's like a Reading Rainbow episode every time we begin a new client relationship. And who doesn't love Reading Rainbow?! The research and education we digest in order to curate content is one of our favorite things.

Last summer we began working with, Hungry For Truth SD.  This wonderful initiative was created by the South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council and has taught us so much about our state's largest industry - Agriculture. Creating microcontent for Hungry For Truth SD has been awesome. We've met so many incredible, hard-working farmers and families in South Dakota and every day we get to learn about things like: soybeans, farm life, harvest, planting to exporting, food to table, and where our South Dakota crops travel to.

Creating infographics has been an excellent method to properly breakdown and visually explain all the data and information that is out there in regards to agriculture, processes, procedures, technology, etc. Check out our favorite infographics we created for Hungry For Truth SD over the past few months:

Milk from farm to shelf -

Do you ever wonder how your gallon of milk got to the grocery store? Milk goes through several steps before you can find it on the shelf. It might surprise you that many dairy products start out not far from home. 


The well-traveled soybean -

This information really surprised us. South Dakota farmers grew an estimated 238 million bushel of soybeans right here in the state. A large % of South Dakota's soybean production is exported overseas. Now that's called, feeding the world. 


Food safety 101: meat temperature -

Is it just our kitchen? Or, does any body else wonder, "how long am I supposed to cook this for?" Feel free to pin or print this one out and slap it on your fridge. ;)


Food safety 101: how long can you store leftovers? -

Here at the TSH we've been adulting and living on our own (collectively) for 36+ years....WE STILL DON'T KNOW HOW LONG WE CAN KEEP EGGS IN THE FRIDGE. 'Till now...Feel free to print this one out for your fridge too.