Color Series #2: Mood Boards

Our designers love a good mood board. Mood boards are a compilation of images, fonts, patterns, textures, and colors that represent an overall brand aesthetic. They are a timesaver, inspiration, and way to get everyone on the same page about the look and feel of your brand. When designing, mood boards help to give the project a sense of direction.

Once the mood board is created and the basics have been established, you can start messing around with textures, colors, and patterns to create something you and your client will truly love. Our designers like to reference back to their mood boards when trying to create future graphics and images for the brand. Check out a few of our favorite mood boards we created for a few of our amazing clients!

When designing Cultivate Boutique’s mood board, Gabby wanted to create a feeling of fun, fresh, down-to-earth, “cool-girl” vibes. Accenting rustic and shiny rose gold textures with neutral tones of navy and light pink makes this brand exciting but not too overpowering.

Cultivate Content.png

For this brand, Gabby imagined a unique and modern feel in contrast to their previous classic and constant aesthetic filled with navy’s and grey’s. Gabby took what the brand already had and twisted it by adding in copper tones and an emerald green that was directly drawn from their office space. These colors combined creates a cohesive and luxurious brand for our client.

Kusek Content.png

For Marie & Marie Bridal, Kerry curated a mood board to help set the vibe of the brand; brainstorming appropriate colors, textures, and fonts, Sharing photo inspiration between the designer and client helps get everyone on the same page and really hone in on the vibe and feel they are wanting to achieve. In this mood board, we include things like wallpaper, logos, brand style guides, color palettes, and stationery inspiration. This allows the client to picture potential ideas and interior visions as well.

Marie & Marie Content.png

Mood boards are an essential form of organization when deciding on the look and feel of a brand. Using what you know about color (add link to color blog) and the ways textures, patterns, fonts, and designs flow and work together, you can create one cohesive mood board for future styling and design opportunities. Now go out, create and be inspired!