Wrap it like its Hot

Written by: Yany Avelar

The Holidays aren't just about receiving gifts. They are a time to show those around you how much they mean to you. As the saying goes, "It's the thought that counts", so here are a couple tips to add an extra touch of love to your gifts this year. Plus as a little gift from us to you, you can download & print our free gift tags here.

For this project we used simple kraft paper for our gift wrapping. It's cheap, cute, and multipurpose. So even if you have some left over from the holidays, you can use it for other DIY crafts or gift wrapping throughout the year. However, we wanted to give our gifts a little extra touch, so bring in the greenery, ribbon, and pom poms!

Option 1: Add some greenery and a little DIY

So simple, but super impactful. A few tree trimming or acorns take a simple gift box and give it an extra touch. However, taking the extra time to make your own pattern really goes above and beyond ;). For this simple polka dot pattern we used a stamp pad and a pencil eraser. 

Option 2: Get Playful

For this gift box we decided to get a little playful. We made some yarn pom poms and used the yarn to wrap around the bottom half of the gift box. Simple, but definitely a focal point under the tree. 

Option 3: Ribbon wrap challenge?

As much fun as the seran wrap challenge looks we wanted something that looks a little cuter under the tree. For this gift, we decided to wrap our entire gift in pom pom ribbon. Super cute with a touch of free entertainment, what could be better?


Happy Holidays & Happy Gift Wrapping!

The Sampson House