June 2018 Desktop Calendar

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Hello, Summer!

June is just the perfect time to reconnect with yourself, family and friends since for many, it is the start of summer and a more relaxed time of year. Studies show that social connectedness is just as important for general well being as eating veggies or going to the gym. Give your friends and family a call and let them know you have plenty of things to celebrate this month! School is out, spring allergies are almost over with and the sun is shining. Here at The Sampson House, we can't wait to have brainstorm sessions by the pool, go to Hungry for Truth's Annual, Farm-to-Fork Dinner and work on summer projects for our clients.

Download this month’s desktop background as a reminder to reconnect with those you haven’t spoken to in a long while. Cheers!

Desktop calendar designed by Graphic Design Intern, Alexis Hanson. 

Blog post written by Digital Media Coordinator Intern, Nelofar Sultan.