Press Release: The Sampson House

Written by: Maddie Mack aka our kick-ass intern

Modern marketing agency opens up shop in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The Sampson House marketing firm has a simple mission—to provide brand building and modern marketing to their clients. Though they’ve been in business for less than six months, The Sampson House has already formed partnerships with several Sioux Falls companies, including C.H. Patisserie, Coquette Couture boutique and Plum’s Cooking Company.

              “Simply put, we make businesses look good,” said Valerie Sampson, one of The Sampson House’s founders. “We are a team of creative, passionate individuals who are devoted to elevating businesses to the next level. We genuinely believe that every brand needs an attractive and consistent platform to communicate from in order to be successful in the contemporary professional world.”

Sampson and her co-creators, Angela Berry and Kerry McDonald, have deep roots in South Dakota. They graduated from in-state colleges and have experience working in Sioux Falls publications. The trio felt there was a need for an agency to provide modern marketing to area businesses. From this realization, The Sampson House began.

“We want to do what we do best so our clients can do what they do best,” said McDonald. “We work with companies we believe in, with clients who believe in their company. We make branding accessible to them.”

              “These small business owners are in control of their entire operation,” added Berry. “If we can provide our services, they can concentrate on what’s really important to them and their business.”

              Kayleen Leonard, owner and operator of Coquette Couture boutique, can attest to this.

              “Like many other small business owners know, it is impossible to do everything yourself,” she said. “The Sampson House can take care of the things I have no idea how to do and no extra time to learn. Within six months, they helped my business grow a significant following on social media and rebuilt and rebranded our website.

“It is extremely hard to find a company to work with that you feel you can trust to have your best interest in mind. I found that with The Sampson House.”

Caroline Peterson of Plum’s Cooking Company is especially pleased with the work the team has done on her website, saying, “The visual quality of my recently launched website is unsurpassed in this market and rivals that of our larger competition. They did a fantastic job.”

The Sampson House’s focus on modern marketing centers their efforts on the digital world—social media, blog posts, web design and email blasts—but their reach extends into their clients’ other brand building needs as well. Most recently, The Sampson House produced a fall “look book” for Coquette Couture and window displays for C.H. Patisserie.

“Our clients want more than advertisements,” said Sampson. “They want to create a lifestyle around their brand and business they offer. We do our best to find innovative avenues to achieve those goals and form genuine relationships with our clients along the way.”

              The Sampson House team is optimistic about the future of their firm. They are reaching out to new potential clients, building their own brand alongside those of their current clients and always looking out for ways to give back to the community.

            “We have so many new projects in the works,” continued Berry. “We will continue to push the envelope on quality, content creation, and digital marketing and branding strategies.”