The 2017 SD ADDY Awards

Written by: Milana Arambasic

Lights, cameras, performances, awards, and talent! No, we aren’t talking about the Oscars. This was the ambiance at the 2017 ADDYs of the South Dakota Ad Federation (which you can read more about here and catch a recap of our 2016 SD ADDYs here). We were ecstatic to represent our clients and showcase the work we curated for them in 2016. Our second year back, we scored 3 gold ADDYs and 1 Judge’s Favorite (no bias here, but we like the sound of this new category). 

                 GOLD ADDY - CH PATISSERIE "NOW SHIPPING" CAMPAIGN              

     Cross Platform - Integrated Branded Content Campaign

Our first gold ADDY was for CH Patisserie's “Now Shipping” campaign. With a series of emails, hashtags, specialized content, videos, and shipping boxes, we helped CH Patisserie spread their exquisite macarons to the rest of country. It was neat to see macarons travel all over the states. From the heart of South Dakota to the North Shore to Vegas, a sweet luxury was just a click away. Now that we had a shipping campaign in place, what to ship these little ones in? Nothing other than CH Patisserie's very own macaron boxes. Which brings us to the next category of...



Sales Promotion - Packaging - Single Unit

We won another gold ADDY for CH Patisserie's macaron shipping boxes. You can't ship tasty macarons without packaging, right? So we got down to business and hand-painted individual, water-colored macaron sleeves. Each tiny macaron painting was crafted with precision and dedication. To top off the delicate artwork, a "CH PÂTISSERIE A SWEET LUXURY" gold-foiled logo was added as a finishing touch.


Judge’s Favorite - Sales and Marketing

In addition to the original judging categories, there was a surprise award, The Judge’s Favorite. Basically, each judge picked their favorite piece of work from a single category. Which brings us to our last award for CH Patisserie...macaron packaging. We can see why this one won; the closest thing to eating a real macaron, right? ;)


Websites - Consumer

We love good food. That is why bringing on Breadico was such a treat. David at Breadico, specializes in using sourdough for various menu items during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What makes David’s food so outstanding is that the dough goes through a long fermentation process and is baked every morning on location in a wood-fire oven. Creating a website that was cohesive with the company (checkout their Instagram and Facebook) was a dream come true. Through many mouth-watering photo shoots and meetings, we got to learn a lot about sourdough, the bread industry, and all of the national and local recognition that Breadico was receiving. We started brainstorming visually appealing ideas and ran with them. The end result? This tasty video and a gold ADDY. Click on the picture below to check out the award-winning website.

We are looking forward to another year of learning, growing, and creating client projects. Cheers! Left to right: Milana Arambasic (Project Manager Intern), Valerie Sampson (Creative Director), Angela Berry (Account Director) Kerry McDonald (Art Director).