Cucumber, Mint, Lime + Kiwi Water

Don't worry, we weren't going to let you stare at that cool, crisp, refreshing water all month without giving you the recipe. Now you can enjoy a glass right beside your computer, iPad or phone! Happy Summer.   

1/2 cucumber, sliced

6 sprigs mint

3 limes, sliced

2 kiwi fruit, peeled and sliced

2 quarts pure spring or mineral water or freshly filtered water

Put all the ingredients into a large jug and let sit in a cool place or the fridge for at least 30 minutes. 


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Stay hydrated folks, enjoy!

Whats on Your Phone? TSH- 5 “Must Have” Apps

Apps. What would we do without'em? How did we survive pre-apps? Remember the days when we had to go to our desktop computer, tell our sister to get off the phone so we could fire up the dial-up, and then we would search for things like, news via It was an invigorating time.

Luckily, we can now run the world all at the touch of our fingertips. :) Today, we each share with you our top 5 must-have apps.  



Angie | Account Director


Google Photos
1. I love Google photos because I am constantly running out of storage space on my phone due to pictures. I sync them all to Google Photos and the app has a quick delete option that clears them off my phone for me. Also, it automatically creates albums based on locations and events. The search feature is AMAZING. I can search all my photos by a person in them, all photos with cats in them, all concert photos, etc. It has organized all that for me. Highly recommend.

2.) Pureple
I save a ton of time in the mornings with this app. It took some time to start up but since then it's been a breeze. I took pictures of items in my closet and organized them in this app then I can put together outfits for the week or month. I'm a lot more creative putting outfits together on the app then when I'm staring at my closet early in the morning. It's fun and functional.

3. Qapital
This app is great for saving money. I put in what I need to save for and how much then set a rule. It can round up each purchase and save the spare change, automatically transfer a certain amount etc. I have a trip to Mexico coming up so it's been a great tool to passively save without even thinking about it.

4. Lifesum
I love the ease of this app. It records your daily meals, water intake and grades each meal on nutritional value. I like the visual wake-up call of what I'm eating daily. It also provides great healthy recipes and meal planning.

5. Duolingo
This app is fun. It teaches you different languages while playing games. I like to use this app when I'm waiting around on someone or just bored at home. 


Kerry | Art Director


1. SoundHound

I love this app for those times you hear a great song! Whether it’s in a coffee shop or a night club you can find out what awesome tune it is. It’s super easy to use and it also saves songs so you can find your favorites later.

2. Pinterest

Of course, who doesn’t love perusing the wall of never ending pretty photos.

 3. Nike Training / Running

I love to see my miles on Nike Running increase and the Training app is great giving me milestones to hit. I also find the Nike community inspiring. 

4. Ibotta / Cartwheel

Ibotta is a newer app for me, but I like how I get money back on simple items I buy like milk, eggs, bread and bananas. Target’s Cartwheel app is a must-have. I love Target and also have the RED Card so that’s 5% off anyways, but with Cartwheel some items can be 20% off. Forewarning- you have to put the time into marking items before you buy, but worth it when your savings add up.

 5. VSCO

VSCO is easily the best photo editing app. I can spend hours making the smallest tweaks to a photo and playing around with different settings and styles. You can also save settings which is easy once you find a style you like. 


Valerie | Creative Director


1. Wells Fargo

I really love being able to check my bank account, transfer money, deposit checks, pay bills, look at my spending report, etc. all via my space phone. It's super convenient. 

2. My FitnessPal

This app is great for keeping track of my over eating problems. ;) I'm a list person and I like being able to list out everything I ate/drank that day. I typically try and do this throughout my day, so when I get down to dinner or late-night snack time, I know how many calories I have left to eat. Or, don't have. Another great feature is that it syncs to my Fitbit.  

3. Instagram


4. Eater

For anyone who loves to eat their way through their travels, Eater is an excellent app. It's an incredibly trusted foodie app that has never failed to disappoint. Eater allows you to to zoom into any location on a map and then it shows you by number how many Eater approved restaurants are located in that vicinity. From there, it lists out the top 38 restaurants with a description for each along with their information. It's also an evolving list. Every 6 months or so lists are updated. So you can check to see whats made their list or what is still so good that it stayed.  

5. Lyft

I realize this one isn't very relative to South Dakota, yet. But, it's still an excellent app. I recently experienced Lyft while in Vegas and could not get over how incredibly easy, fast, informative, and cheap it was. Once you create a profile and connect a payment method, you are set. Load up the app and it shows your exact location and nearby drivers. You chose a car/driver (who are all rated by past passengers) and they arrive at your location within 5 minutes. You can see a picture of your driver, what they drive, their phone #, and you can watch their vehicle literally move on the map to your destination. Once in a Lyft vehicle the experience is SO nice compared to taxis. The vehicles are clean, the drivers are friendly- they offer their passengers water, gum, even advil (we needed it!). Another convenient element is after you arrive at your destination, you just hop out. No need to pay in the vehicle, deal with money, or tips, etc. Once you are out, you rate your driver/ride, tip on the app, and go on your way. And, the rides are almost half the cost of a taxi ride.