Our Favorite Campaigns of Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl Sunday commercials are like Christmas Day for marketing agencies. It is fun watching different brands' best marketing campaigns displayed. During the commercials, you can see a variety of emotion, and that is what marketing is all about. Moving people to feel a certain type of way. Whether it means making people laugh, cry or feel that they need to purchase an item, that is the main goal of marketing. Read + watch our team's favorite commercials from Super Bowl LII below. 

Val - My favorite commercial was Verizon highlighting first responders. Who didn’t get choked up?! It was touching, but also it surprisingly felt genuine. Sometimes I think big brands try too hard to do something emotional and it ends up feeling forced and ingenuine. But, I thought it was a well put together campaign. Nice work, Verizon.

Milana - My favorite commercial was most definitely Amazon’s Alexa losing her voice because it made me laugh. Plus, I loved all the celebrities that were a part of the commercial. (Seriously, think of all the coordination it takes to get a handful of your friends to go to dinner. Now, think of all the work it takes getting celebrities to do something- impressive). However, even though there was no backstory or explanation as to why Alexa lost her voice, the commercial did generate brand awareness. Plus, Amazon won first place in USA Today’s 30th Ad Meter for best commercial of the Super Bowl. Keep on taking over the world, Amazon.

Angela- The MassMutual commercial was the very first one I saw when I turned on the T.V. to the Super Bowl and it remained my favorite commercial throughout the entire Super Bowl airing. I love when campaigns get emotional and for all the right reasons. This commercial did an amazing job highlighting everyday heroes of the world. It was a powerful message of people supporting other people in their time of need. Also, what an amazing song choice. MassMutual was not on my radar before, but they are now.

Kerry - My favorite commercial was the long Tide-themed one. I thought it was great they used brand recognition of Old Spice and Mr. Clean (which are all parent companies) to spark the thought that every ad could or should be an ad for Tide. It made me think about the detergent the entire time + how clean everyone’s clothes looked. Thanks, Tide, for reassuring my brand confidence.  

Jeff - I think my favorite commercial was probably the Jeep ad with Jeff Goldblum: it was a reimagined scene from the original Jurassic Park. I was a fan of the understated humor and the new Jeep looks pretty awesome, but the pure nostalgia of it really got me. The original Jurassic Park was released at a time in my life that I was a kid, and I was just starting to experience freedoms. 

Now, only 361 more days until next year's rad commercials.