Recap: 2016 SD ADDY Awards

A couple weeks ago we had the honor of attending the 50th Annual SD ADDY awards. You can read about the Ad Fed here.  This past year has been an amazing ride. We took the leap to start our own thing and haven't looked back since. It's been an incredibly fulfilling feeling. Every day we get to work with other passionate businesses. We get to help market and brand these companies and we love every minute of it. It feels good to genuinely give back to our community and to build trusting relationships with like-minded business owners. We've been lucky to work with a handful of clients within our first 8 months of The Sampson House and were eager to submit some of our work to the ADDY's this year. 

We've been proud of the work we've produced, and most importantly our clients have been proud of our work. So, we decided to give it a shot and submit. We spent an afternoon narrowing down our 2015 work to finally agree on submitting 5 different pieces. After a fabulous evening of mingling, dinner, and lots of tiramisu, we took home 5 awards! 1 silver ADDY, 3 Gold ADDY's, and 1 Best of Class award. Holy S*&#...exciting!  

Silver ADDY - Coquette Couture Website

Online/Interactive | Category: Websites - Consumer

Last spring/summer we spent a great deal of time re-designing a clean and user friendly website for Coquette Couture. Introducing a new platform and ensuring it be mobile friendly. Our main focus was a clean and white aesthetic while incorporating black and white accents to compliment her logo. We created a highly visual platform with excellent photography to show off her products. The site re-design is refreshing, bright, clean, and an overall happy shopping experience. 

Gold ADDY - Coquette Couture 2015 Fall Lookbook

Online/Interactive | Category: Syndicated Content - Digital Publications

Lookbook productions are bomb! Especially with Coquette Couture. Our involvement on this project was creative direction,  styling, shoot organization, and designing/creating the E-lookbook. Our focus was to showcase Coquette Couture's personality and brand as effectively as possible. The lookbook is an effective platform to launch her latest trends and gives viewers ideas on how to style any of the Coquette looks. Our A-team consisted of Jeff Sampson Photography, Lacey Mae Makeup, 2 fab models and Coquette Couture. Production day one we road tripped to the gorgeous Badlands of S.D., enjoyed picturesque views and had a killer time. The second half of our production was shot in Tuthill Park in Sioux Falls, S.D. with giant hot air balloons. So. Much. Fun. After the shoot came designing this interactive e-magazine. We designed using clean layouts, visually stunning imagery, and click-through text link to connect shoppers to Coquette's items.  

Gold ADDY - CH Patisserie Macaron Menu

Sales + Marketing | Category: Sales Promotion - Product or Service Sales Promotion

Our mission was to create a stand out menu that showcased CH Patisserie's perfect macarons while effectively explaining to consumers what flavor they are about to eat. A lot of taste testing was involved to complete the task at hand. CH is a one-of-a-kind shop that obviously needed a menu that is above and beyond the average. We decided to hand watercolor each flavor of macaron. Doesn't get much more custom than that. On the back side of each menu we created a post card to encourage people to share the macaron love with their friends and family. We love the colorful and whimsical feel of the menu along with the social aspect of being able to share via postcard. :)   

Gold Addy - Coquette Couture Instagram Feed

Online/Interactive | Category: Social Media - Single Platform

Digital Media Management and content creation is what we do best. Day in and day out we focus on creating a brand for our clients that tells their impeccable story, strengthens their brand identity, and we do it on a consistent and quality basis. That is exactly what we've done for Coquette Couture. Last May we took over her Instagram (and Facebook) feed to create 100% all original content that accurately represents her voice. Coquette's voice via Instagram is a variety of content that engages with her followers. Everything from photographing new arrivals, infographics, microcontent, street style images, graphics, sales campaigns, etc.   

Best of Class Online/Interactive Coquette Couture Instagram

Online/Interactive | Category: Social Media - Single Platform

The Best of Class Online/Interactive award for Coquette's Instagram feed was a HUGE honor! We were ecstatic enough to win a gold ADDY in this category, but Best of Class was an amazing feeling. We genuinely believe that marketing for clients should entail more than a "buy this now" voice. We wrote an article awhile back on Gen-C and what they want. Feel free to check it out.  To sum it up, consumers are over being "asked" to buy and rather want to truly feel compelled to buy. A brands voice and marketing plan should entail building a genuine relationship with its consumers. Businesses are multi-faceted and their personalities are more than just a one time campaign. This is why we feel that branding a client via Instagram (alongside other platforms of marketing) and stressing the entirety of their personality is key! That's what we've loved doing for Coquette. That is the essence of engaging and interacting with consumers online. Check out her Insta feed. We think it's pretty neat. ;)

Our elated team from left to right: Milana Arambasic (intern), Valerie Sampson (creative director), Kerry McDonald (art director), and Angela Berry (account director).