Gen C {The New Generation}

At this point you are probably familiar with Generation Y and Millennials but have you really figured out how these generations think, interact, and most importantly, buy? This is "Generation C," or Generation Content, as described by Google:

"...a powerful new force in culture and commerce. Sixty-five percent are under 35 but they span the generations, empowered by technology to search out authentic content that they consume across all platforms and all screens, whenever and wherever they want."


Gen C’s are enthusiastic supporters of causes they genuinely believe in, avid engagers with technology, and passionate about their trusted brands. They are “in-the-know” and are constantly searching out quality brands, events, music, and lifestyles that inspire. They crave authenticity and dig deeper than the average consumer. They are not easily fooled by your run-of-the-mill, cheap marketing tactics that say, “buy, buy, buy.” Simply put, unattractive brands do not inspire or engage with Gen C’s.

Gen C has grown up with advertisements in their face since day one. They’ve become passive and annoyed by poorly made 3o second commercials, billboards, and other bull-shit “buy me” tactics littered all over the place. They don’t want to be asked to buy, they want to actually feel compelled to. They want an emotional connection to products they invest in. That is why, if done right, you will find long lasting customers and supporters with this generation. Having quality curated content to connect your brand to your consumers is key. This is everything from an attractive brand and website, to a solid social media feed. If you believe in your product and feel you offer a quality brand, all platforms of your business should reflect this.

Now, the question is, how do you as a business owner stand out from the crowd? How do you create compelling content that will engage and build relationships with this generation that thrives on creation, connection, authenticity, quality, and a sense of community?

Here are 3 simple steps—


  1. First, empathize with them. Gen C wants to shop with relatable businesses. They don’t just want to know WHAT you’re selling, they want to know WHY you’re selling it. Give your brand a personality with relatable qualities, interests, community involvement, etc. This is why we take our clients through an extensive target demo analysis. How can you successfully know what your customer wants without knowing their favorite Netflix binge, what time they are shopping online or what they like to do in their free time?

  2. Once your brand has successfully captured the attention of Gen C, begin to genuinely engage with them. Give them recognition, support their lifestyle, and other causes they believe in. With the power of social media you can talk directly to them and actually engage. Become more than a business, but a reliable and trusted friend.  

  3. Finally, actually care about your business and your consumer. Seems like ‘duh’ huh, but it’s amazing how many businesses throw it on the back burner. Most likely this generation is going to read your Google reviews before investing in you, which means visibility into your business before they even step in the door. If you have poor customer service, or great customer service, it will be reflected online, where this generation is finding you first. Care deeply about every interaction you have with customers. Not only for the first sale, but listen to your customers. What feedback are they giving you that could change your business for the better? Own your faults and improve.

So how can you take this information and actually implement it into your business? Let’s meet up for coffee, we would love to chat with you. We understand as a business owner you simply don’t have time to manage it all, on top of actually running your business. We want to discover your brand’s personality and advocate the heck out of it for you through compelling content that speaks to this Gen C generation.