To you: 7 Festive IG Templates

Our favorite time of year is here and we are all about spreading that holiday cheer! We love the holidays. Things get really festive, super cozy, filled with get-togethers, good food, lots of laughter, a reminder of peace, giving, love and all the warm fuzzies. Did we miss anything?! :)

This year we are sharing 7 festive Instagram Story Templates. To you, from us. Check these out, how fun are these?! Would love to see how you all utilize these holiday templates. Share away! Tag us!

Download here:

Download 7 Festive IG Templates

In other ways we are sharing this year - Our team loves giving back to the community year-round. We make it a point to volunteer as much as as we can throughout the year. One of our favorite team volunteer events is for the program Sharing Christmas. Each year we adopt a local family in need and we get to Christmas shop for them. Wednesday we spent the afternoon getting everything on their x-mas list and next week we get to hand-deliver these gifts to our family. Although it’s a warm fuzzy to take part in this program, it’s also a reminder of how blessed we are and how we can be doing more. And we plan to do more. 2019 is the year for more. Merry Christmas, all!


The Sampson House

4 Reasons Why Brand Building is Important

We often talk to business owners that want to skip step one and jump right into direct return advertising. Although return advertising can be a great option, developing a strong foundation to receive ideal results must be a priority. The stronger the foundation, the higher the house. We here at The Sampson House have developed our business model around the core idea of building strong brands.  So what makes a strong brand?

1. Great first impressions matter!

People see things before they experience them and they will make judgments based on looks, it’s human nature. You can keep clients with value and service, but to snag those initial clients you need to attract them. Having a clear message along with a visually pleasing brand is key. With so many options being thrown at consumers these days, standing out with quality visuals is what will set you apart. 

2. Stand out in the market with impressive design.

By investing in a consistent and quality designed brand you are making your business more recognizable and creating associations with your clients. When someone hears your business’ name, you want them to visualize exactly who you are. This is done by consistently sharing attractive content that speaks to your brand and to your target market.

3. Carry this strong brand across all platforms.

Marketing is about reaching consumers to evoke a change in their behavior. People spend money on experiences and you can share your top-notch experience of your business via your website, social media platforms and beyond. When it comes to websites, excellent design also means excellent functionality. Your website needs to speak to your brand, as well as be extremely user-friendly. Invite people to spend quality time on your site, exploring different pages and easily purchase. Even if your website is not for commerce, but for exposure, design is crucial. You are missing out on clients if your website in no way speaks to who you are. Chances are potential clients are looking you up online before they step foot into your brick and mortar. If they don’t like what they see online they may decide to skip visiting you all together. This applies to your social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook are both leaders in the visual storytelling world. With 1.59 billion Facebook users and over 400 million Instagram users, it's no surprise that consumers are shifting to these platforms for personal and consumer affairs. What's the reason for this shift? Consumers, especially millennials, want to be emotionally moved by their decisions, purchases and engagements. They want to visually share their stories and experiences. They want to feel good about who they are engaging with and/or purchasing from. Social media platforms, Instagram especially, offers a highly visual marketing tool for businesses. If your business is not on Instagram, visually storytelling its brand, you're missing out.   

4. Infuse a lifestyle into your brand.

More often through the use of social media, people are following brands for the lifestyle they support. Clients want to follow and engage businesses that inspire them and speak to their personality. You have to be more than a sales person on social media platforms. Instead, be genuine, authentic and showcase who you are. Show them the lifestyle your brand has created and inspire them to want to live that lifestyle with you.

Avoid missed opportunities by investing in a solid brand that attracts potential clients and tells them exactly what your business is all about. If you want to dig deeper into your brand, give us a call. We’d love to chat with you about your brand story and how we can consistently present it across all platforms.



Looking for Fall 2015 Interns

Digital Media Coordinator/Copywriter Intern Fall 2015


The Sampson House –

We are a fast growing startup that focuses on brand building and modern marketing for businesses. We are based out of Sioux Falls, SD.

Our Culture –

Our squad values creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Our collaborative work-culture offers a flexible work schedule that revolves around deadlines and client needs. We offer a highly motivated, positive and creative environment. Our culture embodies the idea of combining genuine relationships, truly hardworking and passionate team members, who work for truly hardworking and passionate clients. 


The Details –

We are looking to bring on someone who is ecstatic to dive into the world of brand building + modern marketing for The Sampson House team. This position is heavily focused on content creation, brand building, and implementation of campaigns for both The Sampson House, as well as our clients.

You will assist The Sampson House team on projects for RAD clients like: Coquette Couture Boutique, CH Patisserie, Plum’s Cooking Co., a cinematography production company, and various other start-ups.

Candidate should be comfortable with, but not limited to:

  • Maintaining client social platforms, creating unique on-brand social content, and managing and ensuring fan/follower growth

  • Assisting and contributing to photo shoots for campaigns, look books, and social media content.

  • Team brainstorming meetings and pitching campaign ideas w/ The Sampson House

  • Adobe suite: Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign

  • Working remotely, managing your own time, and meeting deadlines

  • Curating blog posts from start to finish

  • Assisting our Art Director with design projects

Candidate must have:

  • Extensive knowledge of social media, digital marketing, and blogging

  • A demonstrated eye for quality content

  • A strong ability to multi-task projects

  • Fantastic and witty writing skills

  • Strong grammatical skills

  • A strong ability to meet deadlines (late is not an option)

  • An autonomous work ethic and the ability to come up with solutions when challenges arise

  • Regular access to email and texting

Candidate must be:

  • An ambassador for The Sampson House, as well as our clients

  • Reliable

  • Professional

  • A self-starter

  • Extremely motivated

  • Extremely jazzed about marketing for kick-ass clients

  • Able to adapt to last minute changes

  • Organized and meticulous


Bonus if you are comfortable with:

  • Utilizing a professional camera


You Are –

You must be a student receiving college credit, as this is a mentorship program. Obtaining a degree in marketing, advertising, English, journalism, or graphic design is preferred. You are hardworking, a go-getter, and determined. You take initiative and like to develop strategy and execute with drive and passion.  

Join our Squad! How to Apply –

Please submit your cover letter and resume to

Instagram: Thesampsonhhouse