Recap: Work Retreat at The North Shore

We are beginning to plan our 2nd annual work retreat this year which has led us to remember how perfect last year's was. Last year we found ourselves in the North Shores of Minnesota and it was beyond a dream. Our first work retreat and our first time to Lake Superior. It was a magical gem and that's an understatement. Visually stunning and so great to get away with the team. Read below for the adventurous recap. 

Now, how to top last year?? Where should we go next? What do you all do on work retreats? 

Click below:

Interactive Microsite of our itinerary:

The Stay: Breezy Point on Lake Superior

Days: 4 

Distance from Sioux Falls: 13 hours round-trip


1.) Drive the North Shore up to the Grand Marais.

2.) Go cliff jumping into the cold refreshing waters.

3.) Go for a few hikes (options are endless).

4.) Go sailing in Duluth.

5.) Hunt for lighthouses along the north shore. 


1.) Eat a donut at World's Best Donut Shop in Grand Marais.

2.) Eat freshly caught fish at Dockside Fish Market in Grand Marais.

3.) Grab a fresh cup of java at Mocha Moose in Two Harbors.

4.) Bring food to grill out at the cabin. :)

Things learned on our trip: 

1.) How to build a fire thanks to our dear cabin neighbor. (we would've figured it out ourselves...he didn't give us enough time)

2.) How to air up a leaky tire. 

3.) How to play cribbage.