4 Reasons Why You Need A Website

written by: Yany Avelar

In today's day and age, websites are one of the most important and powerful marketing tools available to small business owners. Unfortunately, there are still many owners that don’t see the need for a website, or even have a website. Now more than ever, consumers are using the web to access information and products. However, if consumers can’t find your business or product, how do they even know you exist? Unfortunately, they probably don’t. 

Consumers are more educated. In today's market consumers are able to read product and business reviews, as well as research different businesses to find the best for their needs. Having a website for your business not only lets consumers find you, but it also gives your business credibility. When consumers are able to see the services or products you offer, they are more likely to become customers.

If the points above aren’t enough to convince you on the importance on website, let’s go through a couple more.

  1. Inexpensive:Yes, really! A website can be forever, no other advertising can do that. Every time you pay for print advertising it runs for a set limited of time and then it’s over. However, with a website you invest once and it can work for your business forever. (making sure to update it)

  2. Accommodating: Having a website means that your consumers have access to your business and products 24/7, 365 days a year. So even while you’re soundly sleeping at home, your website can be generating profits for you.

  3. Value: As we talked about earlier, consumers are constantly looking for information. Blogs and newsletters are a great way to attract new clients. When you curate content on your website that is specific to your services or products you're not only attracting more traffic to your website, but you’re also attracting more consumers. Consumers that are in the market for a specific service or product that you offer.

  4. Accessibility: When you run an ad in your local paper it does just that, stays local. However, with a website you have the ability to reach a much broader audience. When you have a website you become accessible to virtually anyone!

We live in a world where people want easy and fast access to information, no matter the time or day. Unfortunately, businesses that don’t have a website or see the need for one are not able to meet the demands of their potential customers and thus are losing potential clients. Don’t be the business that can’t be found. 

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