The Intern: Meet, Alexis

Meet, Alexis, our design intern for Spring + Summer '18. She is the one behind The Sampson House designing desktop calendars, newsletters, brainstorming ideas, helping with client design work and so much more. She's up for a challenge and taking on any project. Get to know this go-getter below.

Name: Alexis Hanson

College: Dakota State University

Major: Computer Graphics with a Photography Minor

What projects are you working on at The Sampson House? I’m designing blog graphics, monthly newsletters and desktop calendars. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to make social media assets for Barre3, Hungry for Truth and Alma Guatemalan. Recently, I was able to design a Restock campaign for Alma Guatemalan and do photography for them as well. I have also had the opportunity to take pictures for Rebeca Scott Designs. The Sampson House internship has been an amazing opportunity because they have allowed me to do projects on both the company and client side.

What do you spend your time doing when you’re not working on TSH? When I’m not working on TSH, I’m working up at school as a Resident Assistant. In my free time, I like to do photography and binge watch Netflix. I’m very much a busy body so whenever possible, I like to go swimming or be outside on the bike path either running or roller skating.  

Favorite social media platform? I love Instagram.

What is your ideal weekend? In the summer, I love to go camping and hiking on the weekends. It’s a great way to de-stress and recharge.

What app could you not live without? Pinterest. I am so addicted to it; I use it all the time for inspiration.

What’s your go-to coffee beverage? Either the overly sugared, limited time Starbuck’s frappes or a café miel.

When did you develop an interest in graphic design? Art has always been a part of my life growing up, but I didn’t consider graphic design until I took a couple graphic classes in high school. Then my passion grew from there.

What drew you to The Sampson House? They have a clean modern vibe to their graphics and a welcoming atmosphere. They understand their clients' needs and are consistent with their products. I felt I could learn a lot from how they work and brand because of this.

Favorite way to blow off steam? The best way for me to clear my mind is through exercise. It gives me time to think through things and makes me feel relaxed afterward.

If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and what would you order? Ellen DeGeneres and pasta, because who doesn’t love both?

Best advice you’ve ever received? One time when I was struggling to keep up with how hectic life can be, I received a bracelet that had “just keep swimming” engraved on it from someone who has always supported me. As quotable as that is, I always look towards it do better and push myself. I still wear the bracelet every day as a small piece of encouragement and a reminder that hard work will pay off.

What’s your favorite thing about your internship? The creative freedom they give me. The staff here is so encouraging in whatever I create and have really helped develop my design and photography skills. I have already learned so much from them.

What’s your ultimate bucket-list travel destination? It’s tied right now between Iceland and Amsterdam. Both would be amazing to see.

Favorite restaurant? I love Italian food, so I would have to pick Johnny Carino's.

Three interesting things about you:

  1. I am a crazy dog lady. I have 3 dogs at home that I talk about way too much!
  2. I love to rollerblade and spend a good portion of the summer in skates.
  3. I’m great at antiquing.

What are you currently listening to on your playlist?

  1. Calum Scott - Dancing on My Own
  2. Pink - Beautiful Trauma
  3. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl

Go-to show on Netflix? My go-to show is Stranger Things and Series of Unfortunate Events.

Favorite pop artist? Sara Bareilles. She hasn’t released anything new for a while, but her songs are always a go-to for me.

Ultimate dream career? Run my own photography business & have a studio someday. 

What do you bring to the table here at TSH? A positive attitude and an aptitude to learn. In addition, a new creative outlook.