5 Tips for a Clean + Killer Instagram Feed

Whether you’re maintaining your own feed or starting one for your business, Instagram is a fun platform with endless possibilities. We at The Sampson House want to provide you with a few best practices for making the most of our favorite social media platform.

Use natural light when possible – The sun is a photographer’s best friend. Natural light keeps colors correct and brightens up a photo in ways only nature knows how.

Give your photo a focal point – Neutral backgrounds help put the focus where you want it and prevent your feed from looking cluttered, distracting, or “busy.” A photo with a simple background and pop of color makes your followers pause in their scrolling and take another look. 

Figure out your followers – What do they come to your feed to see? Do they want photos of amazing gourmet desserts, outfit inspiration , or an insider view of your start-up? When you find your niche, it becomes a matter of giving the people what they want while also telling your own story.

Join the conversation – Used correctly, hashtags can direct interested Instagrammers to your feed or direct you to others who share your own interests. When applying hashtags to your photos, put yourself in the shoes of someone who would love your feed—What do they look for? What are they excited about?—and remember to limit yourself, at least a little. (Fifteen hashtags might look a bit desperate.)

Remember your voice – Your uniqueness can shine through an Instagram feed. Whether you incorporate a signature color into your posts or pride yourself on coming up with clever captions, your followers want to see you. It may take some trial and error, but over time you’ll create a feed that represents you in the best way. 

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