Recap: 2018 SD ADDY Awards

Written by: Milana Arambasic

What a night! A couple of weeks ago, our team had the honor of attending our third SD ADDY Awards Show. As many know, the ADDYS are one of the biggest award shows for marketing and advertising agencies. We had a blast celebrating some of the work we created for our clients, as well as connecting with the Sioux Falls community. This year, we scored two silver ADDYs and one gold ADDY. Read more to see the work we won for! 

Silver addy - Hungry for truth sd | South Dakota soybean research and promotion council | Farm to fork dinner

Sales & Marketing | Category: Collateral Material - Special Event Material

Our first ADDY was for Hungry For Truth SD. Each year, Hungry For Truth SD hosts a beautiful Farm-To-Fork Dinner where South Dakotans get to connect with farmers, ask questions and learn more about where their food comes from. This year, we submitted the collateral suite designed for the Farm-To-Fork Dinner. We designed everything from the invites to the menu and signage for the event. 

Silver addy - Hungry for truth sd | South Dakota soybean research and promotion council | instagram feed

Cross-Platform | Category: Online/Interactive Campaign

Our second ADDY of the night was also for work done for Hungry For Truth SD and their Instagram Feed. Hungry For Truth SD's mission is to share farm facts and farmer stories with South Dakota consumers. Each week, we are putting out a variety of information and campaigns on Instagram. Their feed is where we are able to share an abundant amount of information that is easy to process in a visually appealing manner. We create a series of recipe videos, infographics, GIFs, photos and other content to spread their message. Want to learn more about this initiative? Follow along here.  

GOLD ADDY - Alma Guatemalan | campaign

Cross-Platform | Category: Online/Interactive Campaign

Our last ADDY of the night as awarded to us for an Alma Guatemalan campaign. Curating Alma Guatemalan's brand from scratch was a dream. We helped concept the brand from start to finish, as well as curate and implement campaigns, ads, and social media + website maintenance. With all of the work done for Alma Guatemalan, it was hard to pick one element to submit, so we entered an entire campaign to showcase a variety of pieces that helped show the true brand of Alma Guatemalan. Head to Alma's site to view more - click here

This year, our Web & Analyst Director, Angela Berry (left), and Project Manager, Milana Arambasic (right), had a blast representing The Sampson House team at the 52nd Annual ADDY Awards Show. That's a wrap for the 2018 ADDYs. Now, back to curating rad work for our clients. Cheers!

The 2017 SD ADDY Awards

Written by: Milana Arambasic

Lights, cameras, performances, awards, and talent! No, we aren’t talking about the Oscars. This was the ambiance at the 2017 ADDYs of the South Dakota Ad Federation (which you can read more about here and catch a recap of our 2016 SD ADDYs here). We were ecstatic to represent our clients and showcase the work we curated for them in 2016. Our second year back, we scored 3 gold ADDYs and 1 Judge’s Favorite (no bias here, but we like the sound of this new category). 

                 GOLD ADDY - CH PATISSERIE "NOW SHIPPING" CAMPAIGN              

     Cross Platform - Integrated Branded Content Campaign

Our first gold ADDY was for CH Patisserie's “Now Shipping” campaign. With a series of emails, hashtags, specialized content, videos, and shipping boxes, we helped CH Patisserie spread their exquisite macarons to the rest of country. It was neat to see macarons travel all over the states. From the heart of South Dakota to the North Shore to Vegas, a sweet luxury was just a click away. Now that we had a shipping campaign in place, what to ship these little ones in? Nothing other than CH Patisserie's very own macaron boxes. Which brings us to the next category of...



Sales Promotion - Packaging - Single Unit

We won another gold ADDY for CH Patisserie's macaron shipping boxes. You can't ship tasty macarons without packaging, right? So we got down to business and hand-painted individual, water-colored macaron sleeves. Each tiny macaron painting was crafted with precision and dedication. To top off the delicate artwork, a "CH PÂTISSERIE A SWEET LUXURY" gold-foiled logo was added as a finishing touch.


Judge’s Favorite - Sales and Marketing

In addition to the original judging categories, there was a surprise award, The Judge’s Favorite. Basically, each judge picked their favorite piece of work from a single category. Which brings us to our last award for CH Patisserie...macaron packaging. We can see why this one won; the closest thing to eating a real macaron, right? ;)


Websites - Consumer

We love good food. That is why bringing on Breadico was such a treat. David at Breadico, specializes in using sourdough for various menu items during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What makes David’s food so outstanding is that the dough goes through a long fermentation process and is baked every morning on location in a wood-fire oven. Creating a website that was cohesive with the company (checkout their Instagram and Facebook) was a dream come true. Through many mouth-watering photo shoots and meetings, we got to learn a lot about sourdough, the bread industry, and all of the national and local recognition that Breadico was receiving. We started brainstorming visually appealing ideas and ran with them. The end result? This tasty video and a gold ADDY. Click on the picture below to check out the award-winning website.

We are looking forward to another year of learning, growing, and creating client projects. Cheers! Left to right: Milana Arambasic (Project Manager Intern), Valerie Sampson (Creative Director), Angela Berry (Account Director) Kerry McDonald (Art Director).

Recap: TSH Goes Guatamala

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala for our new client, Alma Guatemalan. From handbags to accessories, all of their products are handcrafted by local artisans and each piece is delicately handmade with natural elements, natural dyes, Ixcaco cotton and leather. Every purchase promotes economic development by supporting fair trade practices and ensuring the suppliers are paid appropriately for their time and work. In addition, the company keeps close relationships with the people and community of Guatemala. Because each piece is delicately handcrafted, all of Alma's products are one-of-a-kind bringing you the soul of the country with each item.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.07.00 PM.png

As our plane descended into Guatemala, the three of us were giddy with excitement! It’s amazing how much of a mood changer warm air and sunshine in February can be. Antigua was nothing short of charming. Cobblestone roads weaved throughout bright stucco buildings and behind every door was a quaint garden filled with lush vegetation and elaborate fountains. We spent our first day exploring the town, practicing our limited Spanish with the locals, and of course enjoying the cuisine. We were in awe of all the craftsmanship the markets offered. Colorful bags, hand carved flutes, beaded necklaces, the list goes on.

The rest of the week was filled with beautiful photoshoots. From a boat ride on Lake Atitlán to a horse drawn carriage throughout town, Antigua offered a photo opportunity on every corner. Our client, Tom, was a fantastic tour guide as he showed us different areas of beautiful landscapes. And don’t even get us started on our model Molly. We ADORED her! Her wardrobe was on point and she killed it at every pose. Not to mention she was totally fun to hang out with and get to know. It was an unbelievable experience to visit Guatemala and there is no doubt we will be back sooner than later. There is so much more to say, but we know that words will not do the beauty of the country justice. Instead, enjoy the pictures and pretend you are in Guatemala soaking up the sun. Follow along with Alma Guatemalan here and here as we post pictures and curate their brand around the soul of Guatemala!