Campaign Showcase

Have you ever wondered how a company creates the brand experience you have come to know so well? The secret lies in a campaign— an organized plan of content that will be executed in order to promote/sell a product or service. At TSH, building a campaign takes a clear vision and a lot of attention to detail from designers and project managers alike.

Here’s an inside look into the various components that harmoniously come together to create a visually impactful campaign and brand image. In this blog post, we highlight our newest client, Screenflair, and a campaign for the multiple facets of their general branding as well as a more tailored campaign.


Being the first thing a potential customer will see when they visit the Screenflair website, we wanted to create an eye-popping visual that was clean and modern but also showcased the various styles of phone cases the brand carries. A website is often times a consumers main impression of your brand, especially as an e-commerce business, so it is crucial to make a lasting one! In adding multiple phone cases in a sleek layout, these assets achieved our branding goals.



Newsletters are essential in creating a connection with your audience. They create a personal touch to any campaign and are easily customizable to the person receiving them. According to research from Campaign Monitor, emails with subject lines that include the recipient’s name are 26% more likely to be opened. With this being said, while creating the newsletter we need to maintain a similar design to the website in order to keep a cohesive feel across all platforms and not have any brand disconnect. The newsletter helps us reach existing fans with new information and keep a strong base of returning customers.


Social Media:

This is the place where we wanted to show the brands products in action and connect on a deeper level with their audience. We wanted the social media feeds to emulate a cool and chic lifestyle feel within the images. Our goal is to not only display the phone bundles themselves, but also showcase Screenflair incorporated into a user’s everyday life.


Campaigns are such a vital part of our work as a digital marketing and branding firm and they take a lot of meticulous work on the design end. Hopefully this gave you a glimpse into the various components that come together to create stunning visuals from your favorite brands. And be sure to check out Screenflair for their stylish phone protection bundles! We are so excited to be working with them to create stunning marketing assets.