The Intern: Meet, April!

Fall interns are in! Meet, April our graphic design intern. She’s been killing it here at TSH with just a few weeks under her belt. Everything has been so seamless it’s like she’s been here for months! Looking forward to a fall filled with her talented eye for design.

Name: April Farmer

College: Dakota State University

Major: Computer Graphics

Birthday: April 3rd

What projects are you working on at The Sampson House?

I will be working on desktop calendars, blog graphics and email graphics for the Sampson House. I have recently started creating graphics for Alma Guatemala’s email newsletter. Soon, I will start to help with photo shoots for Rebekah Scott Designs.

What do you spend your time doing when you’re not working on TSH?

When I am not in class or working part time, I spend a lot of time cooking or browsing the internet.

Favorite social media platform?

I spend a too much time browsing Instagram or watching YouTube.

What are you reading right now?

Recently, I bought an Airbnbmag because of the eye-catching cover. I have been perusing it up throughout the week to admire the page layouts and graphics. The content has been feeding my recent desire to travel J.

What is your ideal weekend?

My ideal weekend is one where I have no agenda. I love being able to just start the day with a fully open schedule and just find things like going to farmers markets, cooking, and hanging out friends to fill the time.

What app could you not live without?

I would say communication apps like Messenger or Gmail.

What’s your go-to coffee beverage?

I love all forms of coffee but adding caramel or hazelnut is an added plus.

When did you develop an interest in marketing?

When I was deciding what to do in high school, I loved art but did not know how to make a living off it. I discovered graphic design and thought it was a perfect way to use my interests as a career.

What drew you to The Sampson House?

I really liked their clean and minimalist look, it was a style I did not see a lot of in South Dakota.

Favorite way to blow off steam?

I love to cook something time consuming when I am feeling stressed, it helps take my mind off whatever is bothering me. Another stress reliever is cleaning my fish tank, it feels rewarding to help care for something besides myself.

If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and what would you order?

Mitski and I would order red curry with tofu. She has been my favorite artist for years and I love reading interviews she has done. She has a very interesting way of thinking and I would love to hear what she has to say.

 Best advice you’ve ever received?

“Take it one day at a time”

What’s your favorite thing about your internship?

It is so beneficial working in an office and seeing firsthand how a marketing company operates. Also, I like the range of tasks that I have been given.

What’s your ultimate bucket-list travel destination?

I would love to revisit the Pacific Northwest. I visited Seattle in high school and have always wanted to go back. I love the view of the sea and the heavily forested areas.

Favorite restaurant?

Whenever I am in Sioux Falls with my family, we make it a priority to visit Hu-Hot.

3 interesting things about you:

1.       I have been vegetarian for almost four years!

2.       I have a planted aquarium with four fish that I am overly-invested in.

3.       I casually did archery all through high school.

What are you currently listening to on your I-pod?

Lately, I will just play the New Indie Mix playlist on Spotify. It updates every week with new music, so it makes discovering new artists easy.

Ultimate dream career?

I have been debating my dream career for years, but I think I would love to do something that helps spread information about environmental issues. I love science and try to educate myself about the world around me. I hope to use my design abilities to bring environmental awareness to other people.

What do you bring to the table here at TSH?

My willingness to learn and adapt to different styles.